Candi Canes and Walkers

beautifying the world one cane and one walker at a time


Behind every artist you will find a lot of inspiration and a little luck.
My story involves inspiration and some bad luck.

The inspiration comes from the long line of artists on my motherʼs side of the family. I have Bachelor of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Education degrees and worked in an animal hospital, all of which is inspiring. Since 1997, I have been customizing pet collars in a very unique way. Every collar is one of a kind. I buy jewelry, disassemble it and put jewels on each collar to form a masterpiece for every pet. Valentineʼs Day, Fourth of July, Halloween, Christmas or just with a petʼs name on it, I make a collar to please every owner and pet.This all went along very well until the bad luck came along. I was having a new roof put on my house and I slipped on the plastic sheeting over my driveway. My leg and ankle were broken in three places. I had to have surgery. When released from the hospital, I had to use a walker.

candi's xrayI took one look at the ugly institutional walker and knew I had to decorate it if I was going to use it. Itʼs my nature to customize and decorate! I started gluing rhinestones until the walker was completely bedazzled. Every time I used it, people stopped to compliment my walker and wanted to know where I got it. I began thinking of my walking aids as jewelry. My walkers and canes actually became fashion accessories and certainly did not make me feel disabled. I had a ”diamond” walker and canes in glamorous rhinestone patterns. I made zebra, leopard, patriotic and seasonal themed canes. My canes did not advertise my injury, but added to my outfits.
As my healing progressed, I began to decorate more canes, and realized there was a real need for fashionable canes and walkers. There are many people who would benefit from a cane, but are hesitant to use one because of the stigma and vanity. I have compassion for those who need an aid to be mobile, because Iʼve been there. I believe I'm making canes that encourage people to view their cane or walker as an artistic expression.

There is no limit to the themes, interests, or hobbies that can exist in a design. Iʼve made canes with butterflies, flowers, sports team colors and even a casino-themed walker. I especially love when Iʼm able to recycle a used cane or walker.

Iʼve named my company because my mother had an ESP moment in 2007, when she dreamed that I would one day decorate canes and call my company Candi Canes.